• B.A.
  • B.Ed.
  • DEM, Diploma in International Event Management (Australian university-Regency)
  • Certified Life Coach(U.S)
  • Motivational Speaker- for various motivational organizations.

Work Profile:

  • Intern at Travel Time Holidays Principal: Dhanamal English Teachin school
  • Managing Trustee: Board Of Education Mumbai Propritier: M/s 3ree – IT Solutions
  • Tappy Toes: A Preschool chain of Global Standards

Personal Bio:

Nikhil Vyas, 16-1-1988 (27) Married to Arch. Ankita Mense Vyas

Responsibilities Held

  • Swayamsevak
  • Prashikshak at Maharashtra BJP (Resource Person)
  • Mumbai General Secretary – BJYM Mumbai
  • North Mumbai IT cell president- BJP
  • Charkop Mandal General Secretary –BJYM
  • Booth Pramukh

Special Task Given By Sanghthan

Wat About Savarkar? First time ever the whole star cast of the film, Common man and Housing Minister Hon Shri Prakash bhai Mehta ji watched movie together. That also a marathi movie based on Swatantra veer Savarkar ji

Mathura BJYM Rashtriya Adhiveshan: Special thanks to Adv Mla Ashsih Shelar ji and Ganesh Pandey ji i was made head of exhibition at rashtriya adhiveshan along colleague Himanshu Padwal.

Search Mode Software: Introduced first search mode software ever used in Mumbai. Under the guidance of then MP and now Your highness Shri Ram Naik ji.

Unique Election Campaign: Under vision guidance of MLA Shri Yogesh Sagar ji, a unique 4 layer campaign was executed and lead by me for election. This was never done earlier. I sincerely thank him for selecting me for this.

Rashtriya Adhiveshan: Thanks to Shri Sanjay Upadhyay ji I was incharge and had OSP photo Icard for all National Office bearers. Which was new and impressive, along with colour coding.

Somaiya Maidan Modi ji Visit: Thanks to Shri Sanjay Upadhyay ji and Adv Raj Purohit ji was heading 5-6 committees . Also teamed up with Shri Manoj Joshi ji(Actor) to dub entry for Modiji.

MahaGarjana: Thanks to Ashish Shelar ji, and Sanjay Upadhyay ji was incharge of on field war room of both grounds were karyakartas all over were lodged. Also to bring them and again leave them to their trains was lead by sanjay ji and I assisted. Best part was I and my whole team didn’t go for a second also to sabha, we were on toes whole two days, DAY NIGHT.

State Tourism: This cannot be shared here, will tell in personal.

CSR & CORPORATE MILAN BY MP POONAM MAHAJAN: It was life time opportunity to get important role and work for such unique concept. Event was lead by P.P Shri Mohan ji Bhagwat ji


MGL Connection: Thanks to MP shri Gopal Shetty ji, after residents approached me and in almost 7 societies MGL work started.

In which special was Balasinor society , in which Gopalji arranged telephonic conversation with Cabinet minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan ji and arranged work order in mere 7 days.

BMC is sleeping

Awarded and Honoured by Gujrati Brahmin Social group Mumbai as Youth Icon

Shatabdi Crossing

People use to face problems for crossing the road so with the help of Yogesh Sagar Ji we made arrangements on the roads for the public


Parekhnagar Road Repair

Book Distribution

Distributed books amongst Kids of sai nagar Kandivali for the good cause.


Yes WhatsApp just had 8 countries flags, I objected this and wrote various letters, also got response from them. But they asked to write to Emoji Company, company from which they outsource emoticons. Finally they agreed and did that. Various media covered this along with my ticket no. and correspondence from them.


Awarded and Honoured by Gujrati Brahmin Social group Mumbai as Youth Icon

Awarded Chees Programme for kids and awarded by Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand.

Youth for Change

With agenda of A CHANGE WITHIN MY SELF. Started NGO YOUTH FOR CHANGE and took following events

Blanket Distribution: Nikhil Vyas & YFc distributes 1000 blankets every year to needy people of Mumbai. Once was attended by MP Gopal Shetty ji and Ganesh Pandey ji

Breast Cancer Awareness

Lets Vote: was unique concept were youngsters were invited to ask questions directly to MP Gopal Shetty ji, MLA Yogesh Sagar ji, MLA Ameet Satam ji and RJ Archana

Free Ride: Nikhil along with YFC arranged Tempo traveler for citizens for free. All media covered this and was Talk of town

Proud to be Booth Pramukh of booth 64 Made personal WhatsApp group of individual societies and in touch with them. Also solved MGl pipe line issue, watwr issue and various issue of Booth given i have never asked for specific booth, i take it as challenge. Also MLA Yogesh Sagar ji once complimented by saying 'Nikhil treats Booth voter list as Bhagwad Geeta'

Participated in all aandolans organized by party, here mentioning only few ,where I played key role

Protest against JNU: under Leadership of Ganesh Pandey ji and spl thanks to Adv Vivekanand Gupta ji we were the trend setters for whole cadre country wide.

Protest against Salman Khan: Thanks to MLA Shri Ashish Shelar ji and BJYM Mumbai President Ganesh Pandey ji, after telephonic discussion we decided to protest against Salman's statement.

Protest Against Energy Drinks: Under leadership of MLA Shri Ameet Satam ji protest against Red bull was taken.

Protest against RGV: Under leadership of Mla Ameet Satam ji, protest against RGV was taken were, not only i made spl flash cards,which are now trend now, but also went early and with team and reported Ameet bhai, and bcoz ameet bhai's vision we started our protest before given time, Mongolians

Orkut Shakha

Yes, when there was no Facebook and only orkut, from those days I along with three four more like minded youth started searching youth who were nationalist , and we organized weekly ORKUT SHAKHA at PITRUCHAYA karyalay at Dadar, under leadership of Adv Vikram Walavalkar ji We were not only introduced them to RSS ideology but also to whole parivar, such sessions were led by great personalities like Shri Sunil Deodhar ji, Shri Ramesh Subraniyam ji, Shri Satish Mod ji, Prant Sangchalak ji etc

Proud to share even I was product of such Shakhas:

Tribute to Swami Vivekanand ji

To give my tribute and to feel, what it feels to become Swami ji I became Swami ji for long 150 hours i.e almost 7 days. Yes 7 days 24 hours I was in swami jis attire. Attended various Vyakhanmalas, addressed students of various college etc. For this I got inspiration from then Mah BJP President and now Hon. CM of Maharashtra Shri Devendra ji Fadnavis and MP Shri Gopal Shetty ji.

Samhuik Surya Namaskar:

Also we organized samhuik Surya Namaskar sessions at Shivaji Park


World Hindu Economic Forum by Shri Swami Vigyanand ji.

RSS Writers:

RSS Matunga and Dadar used to send writers for Special vision students.

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